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Solar Switch

Saving some money on energy bills and living a more sustainable lifestyle seems like a dream combination! At Solar Switch, we help you achieve these goals by providing reliable solar system installation for residential properties.

Innovative Ways To Harness Nature Renewable
About us

Shine Brighter With Our Solar Solutions!

At Solar Switch, we take pride in offering the most reliable and professional solar systems for homeowners. We are a solar installation company based in California with 11 years of experience in this industry, and our team members have an abundance of experience and knowledge about information related to solar panel installation and residential solar panels. Whether you’re looking for solar sales, solar installations for your home, or free energy consultations, our team at Solar Switch is here to help. Contact us today for your solar panel installation in California or nearby areas.

Innovative Ways To Harness Nature Renewable
About us

Get the power of
the sun

The best energy solution depends on several factors, including your specific needs, location, budget, and environmental considerations.

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The top-rated California Solar Installation Company is at your service!


One of the Best Solar Companies in California!

At Solar Switch, with over a decade of unwavering expertise in the solar industry, we stand as pioneers of sustainable California solar energy solutions. Our 11-year journey has been defined by our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. When you choose Solar Switch, you're choosing a company that is dedicated to transforming your life in a positive and sustainable way. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our reliability and the trust we've earned from countless satisfied customers. We understand that each home is unique, which is why our tailored solar systems are designed to fit your specific needs seamlessly. We make the process of solar energy installation easy and accessible to everyone, so reach out to us today for a quick consultation.


One of the Best Solar Companies in California!

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Some FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching to solar energy offers numerous benefits, including reduced electricity bills and a lower carbon footprint.
Our solar installation process is designed to be simple. We begin with a site assessment to determine your energy needs and the optimal placement of panels. Then, our team handles the installation, connecting the panels to your electrical system. Once installed, you’ll start generating clean energy from the sun.
Solar panels have a lifespan of around 25 to 30 years or more. They require minimal maintenance and are built to withstand various weather conditions. We provide warranties on our panels to ensure your investment is protected. Moreover, at Solar Switch, we also offer solar maintenance services in CA and provide information about companies offering Solar Financing Options in CA.
Yes, at Solar Switch, we only offer solar panels for home installation in California and currently do not provide solar systems for commercial properties.
To contact us, please call at 831-264-3600 or email at

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Safety & Reliable Service

Safety and reliability are our top priorities

Reliable & Affordable Energy

Safety and reliability are our top priorities

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    Reliable & Affordable Energy!

    How We Work?

    Our work process is simple and easy. At Solar Switch, we follow four steps which include:


    In the first step of our work process, we ask our customers about their requirements, whether they want to purchase solar panels or want them installed and according to their answers, we guide them and educate them about the process, expenses, benefits, and so on.


    At Solar Switch, we offer Solar Installation for Homes in CA. Once the customer confirms their requirements, our team goes to their house and installs the solar panels. Our team is highly experienced and we assure you that the installation process is done by experts who have years of practice.

    Enjoy Your Solar System Installation

    Once the installation is completed, you can enjoy benefits like saving money on your energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint.


    Moreover, if the customer requires any maintenance within 6 months of the project, we are happy to help. Our team will visit your house and take care of any issues that you are facing.


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